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Introducing Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint stands as the foremost industry platform embraced by numerous global companies. This robust platform facilitates the seamless sharing and management of documents, files, and applications through secure portals, fostering enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

Whether it's two remote employees collaborating on a project or facilitating content exchange with a client for edits and approvals, SharePoint integrated with Office 365 simplifies the process for effortless collaboration.

2 million sites
190 million users
78% of companies employ it

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Content Management

Create, edit, submit, approve and publish contents. Contents are shared and made viewable to specific user groups.

  • Versioning

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Approvals

  • Indexing

  • Search


Wide variety of out-of-the-box functionalities to design an effective intranet with ease.

  • Branded home page

  • Custom navigation

  • Project and task scheduling

  • Flexible content sharing options

  • Modern/classic team and communication sites

  • Social features (communities, forums, media galleries)

  • Mobile access

Project Management

SharePoint acts as a centralized storage for project information with out-of-the-box project features for successful project visibility, reporting, collaboration, and delivery. Additionally, users can use the built-in project site template or integrate Microsoft Project for their project management needs.

Business Process Automation & Workflow Management

Offers built-in common workflows such as approvals, collecting feedback, and acquiring signatures as well as a variety of options for implementing, maintaining, and executing workflows. Integration with Office 365 tools allows the creation of content-related workflows.

Sharepoint use cases

Knowledge Management System
Document Management System
Approval Forms
Content Management
Organization Intranet Portal
Customer Facing General Site
Department specific usage (Custom development)
Search results site
Classic SP Site for collaboration, enterprise site etc.

Why adopt SharePoint?

Centralized Hub

SharePoint functions as the centralized hub for your organizational operations, providing a unified and streamlined platform to aggregate, organize, and access crucial information

Elevated Collaboration

SharePoint provides a cohesive platform for sharing, editing, and managing content, ensuring that every team member stays synchronized and engaged.

MS Office Integration

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's broader security ecosystem, including MS Office

OneDrive Storage

Unlimited OneDrive storage integrated with SharePoint signifies a transformative enhancement to your organization's data management capabilities

Customizable Solutions

SharePoint's inherent adaptability allows businesses to customize and configure the platform to align seamlessly with specific workflows, business processes, and collaboration requirements.

Enhanced Security

SharePoint boasts advanced security features that significantly elevate the protection of your organizational data and assets