Job Openings

  • DX Consultant | TOKYO, JAPAN
    Location TOKYO
    Description To be in charge of the following activities based on the customer needs in various industries;
    • Requirements gathering and analysis
    • Proposal to the client
    Responsibilities and Duties • Market research and analysis based on customer requirements, plan formulation, document preparation, and support through the strategy execution process.
    • Adjustment with the customer to be on the same page. (Understanding of the current situation, and identifying the challenges and issues).
    • Act as a communication bridge between the customer and the vendor.
    • Management of inhouse resources.
    Qualification Requirements • Over 3 years of experience in a consulting firm.
    • Ability to take part in a consulting project covering a wide variety of topics such as update of mission critical system, new market entry strategy, market research, program/project management, and project feasibility analysis.
    • To be able to provide strategic, negotiable and practical ideas, and give advice to the customers.
    • Project and portfolio management to evaluate the impact including objective, schedule, risk and dependency management.
    • To endure the difficulties of ever changing requirements and conditions.
    • Excellent writing, communication and facilitation skill to negotiate with various stakeholders.
    • To be able to communicate in both English and Japanese, and to be able to create consulting documents in Japanese.
  • Location TOKYO
    Description To be in charge of the following activities based on the customer needs in various industries;
    • Devise a development plan.
    • To secure necessary staff resources.
    • Project management.
    • Support smooth coordination with relevant divisions.
    • Negotiations with subcontractors.
    • Verification.
    Responsibilities and Duties • To secure the necessary resources for smooth development.
    • Progress and member management to progress the development on schedule.
    • Smooth communication with the customer, related divisions and vendors.
    • Identifying challenges and issues at the end of the project and come up with an improvement plan.
    • To ensure system development quality.
    • Budget management and cost negotiation with the customer when necessary
    Qualification Requirements • Over 2 years of experience in project management for EC sites and management systems.
    • Experience managing overseas development team members.
    • Basic knowledge of development.
  • Location TOKYO
    Description To take part in a project for a major IT company and act as a bridge for English- Japanese interpretation and translation work.
    Responsibilities and Duties • Conference interpretation.
    • Japanese- English translation of materials.
    • Coordination for smooth communication between various stakeholders.
    Qualification Requirements • Fluency in Japanese (conversation, reading and writing) *native level
    • Fluency in English (conversation, reading and writing) *business level and above
    • Ability to work on computers (remote meetings, basic Word and PowerPoint skills)
    • Commute to offices in Tamachi Station and Musashikosugi Station (Mukaigawara station).
    • Experience in IT system work.