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Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Support

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Microsoft 365

Facilitate seamless organization management through cloud-based operations, device control, robust protection against real-world threats, and access to cutting-edge business software. Microsoft 365 stands as an optimal and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to integrate Office 365 seamlessly with their PC deployment and recovery processes, security policies, and network monitoring.
As your dedicated partner, we ensure a
smooth experience for clients looking to implement and leverage Microsoft 365 to enhance their operational efficiency.

Our approach for an effective Microsoft 365 Implementation

We collaborate closely with our clients to strategize Microsoft 365 implementation, recognizing the swift integration of cloud solutions as indispensable components within corporate ecosystems, equipping each employee with essential tools. At JP Tokyo, we assume both advisory and technical support roles, tailoring our assistance to meet specific business requirements.

In instances where consultation is essential, our dedicated team offers guidance and expert advice to craft a customized Microsoft 365 or Office 365 deployment strategy, meticulously designed to align with and elevate the organization's objectives.


  • We consider current and future inter-departmental requirements

  • We discuss staff, customers and supplier interactions

  • We discuss any custom-made requirements and customizations

  • We consider Group and User level access requirements, permissions and security implications

  • We develop an understanding of the working flexibility requirements of various teams

  • We discuss the collaborative working requirements of various teams


  • We tailor a service configuration to match the corporate demands following where applicable Microsoft best practice templates

  • We can investigate and develop where necessary integrations with existing IT infrastructure

  • We develop draft transition strategies with timelines and sensible phases

  • We test strategy for efficiencies before graduating it for implementation

  • During this phase we will also discuss and recommend the appropriate support provisions and SLA to manage, monitor and support the platform post deployment


  • Migration Support: Assist in migrating existing data, emails, and documents to O365, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions to daily operations

  • User Training and Adoption: Provide training sessions for employees at various levels to facilitate a smooth adoption of O365 tools, promoting efficient utilization and maximizing productivity gains

  • Change Management: Implement change management strategies to help employees adapt to the new tools and workflows, addressing potential resistance and ensuring a positive overall transition experience

  • Scalability Planning: Anticipate future organizational growth and technology trends, planning for scalability to ensure that the O365 implementation remains effective and adaptable over time

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: We offer continuous support post-implementation, addressing issues, providing updates, and ensuring that the O365 environment remains optimized and aligned with evolving business needs.