Microsoft Center of Excellence

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Microsoft Centre of Excellence

Elevate your journey to the Cloud with JP Tokyo — where convenience meets trust. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we excel in the art of Microsoft 365 migration, ensuring your transition to the Cloud is not only seamless but also minimizes downtime to the bare minimum.

Having successfully migrated over 10,000 users, we cater to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises across various industries in Japan. Our proven track record includes providing dedicated support to numerous major Japanese companies, solidifying our commitment to delivering top-tier service.

Benefits of Cloud migration

Enhanced Business Collaboration

Harmonizes remote work capabilities, streamlining business collaboration and simplifying virtual communication for enhanced efficiency and connectivity.

Fostering Business Intelligence

Maximizes productivity by leveraging the benefits of Office 365 Email, coupled with robust file storage, seamless sharing capabilities, and integrated business intelligence tools

Advanced Security

We foster a proactive mindset, combining a resilient attitude with an innovative approach, consistently pursuing original and groundbreaking ideas.

24/7 Support

We ensure that your transition is not only seamless but also backed by constant assistance as we stand ready to address any concerns with continuous guidance and trouble-shooting

Subscription Scaling

The subscription-based model not only propels scalable business growth but also strategically trims down software expenses, offering a cost-effective approach to sustainable development.

Our Microsoft Offerings

Microsoft Office 365

Organization management from the cloud, controlling devices, protecting against real-world threats and providing organizations with the latest in business software. Microsoft 365 is an ideal and economical solution for businesses wishing to bring their Office 365 provision together with their PC deployment and recovery procedures, security policies and network monitoring.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing platform and online portal that allows you to access and manage Microsoft cloud services and resources.

Microsoft Power Platform

Cloud service that allows you to develop apps based on your business needs. You can develop simple apps with the easy and intuitive operation, as well as complicated apps with additional programming skills. The Power Platform will enable you to make more use of data for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive suite of business applications designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). It encompasses a range of modular solutions and empowers organizations to unify their operations, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights through data analytics.

Microsoft Hololens 2

See new ways to work better together with the ultimate mixed reality device. Discover new ways to connect and create Work better together with HoloLens 2 - an untethered mixed reality device with apps and solutions that enhance collaboration.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint stands as the foremost industry platform embraced by numerous global companies. This robust platform facilitates the seamless sharing and management of documents, files, and applications through secure portals, fostering enhanced teamwork and collaboration.