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Introducing Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure stands as a beacon of digital transformation, offering a comprehensive suite of cloud services designed to empower businesses. From scalable infrastructure to cutting-edge technologies, Azure's global network of data centers provides a foundation for unparalleled agility and innovation.

Why Azure for Your Business? Make the leap to Azure for a transformative journey to

•Benefit from rapid scalability, cost efficiency, and access to a vast array of services that drive efficiency.
•Elevate your digital strategy with Azure's robust and secure cloud environment.

Why adopt Azure?

Unrivalled Geographical Coverage

Azure offers more global regions than any other cloud provider with 60-plus regions representing over 140 countries, providing flexibility and scale to reduce customer latency as well as data residency  with a comprehensive compliance offering

Reduced Capital Expenditures (CapEx)

Scalable resources: pay-as-you-go model allows the scaling resources based on demand, minimizing the need for large upfront investments in hardware
No infrastructure maintenance: organizations eliminate the need for on-premises data centers, reducing the capital expenses associated with building and maintaining physical infrastructure

Optimized Operational Expenditures (OpEx)

Pay-as-you-go Pricing: flexible pricing structure enables the optimizing operational costs by aligning expenses with actual resource consumption
Resource efficiency: efficient resource allocation and utilization enable organizations to achieve cost savings through optimized workflows and reduced idle times
Managed services: reduces the operational burden on IT teams

JP Tokyo's Capabilities

Architecture Consulting

We help with designing and delivering the best Architecture suited for your business needs. We provide Architecture blueprint consulting services to help you design and deploy your most demanding and robust workloads in Azure. Our experience of over a decade can help you scale your infrastructure in cloud with processes that have proven to be cost effective and efficient.

Migration Expertise

Ensure a smooth transition with our efficient migration services, minimizing disruption

Customization & Development

Create unique and purpose-built solutions by harnessing the extensive capabilities of Azure, precisely aligned with your specific business requirements.

Cost Optimization Strategies

Maximize the value of Azure services through efficient cost management tailored to your needs.

Security & Compliance Services

Strengthen security postures and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Ongoing Support & Optimization

Our commitment extends beyond migration, providing continuous support and optimization for peak Azure performance.

Azure’s Standard Product Offering

Leveraging Azure’s Advanced AI Products

In addition to Azure’s Standard product offering, Microsoft's cloud computing platform offers a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence (AI) products and services that empower businesses to leverage advanced capabilities in machine learning, cognitive services, and analytics.

Azure Open AI Service

Build your own copilot and generative AI applications with cutting-edge language and vision models

Azure AI Search

Retrieve the most relevant data using keyword, vector, and hybrid search.

Azure AI Content Safety

Monitor text and images to detect offensive or inappropriate content.

Azure AI Translator

Translate documents and text in real time across more than 100 languages.

Azure AI Speech

Use industry-leading AI services such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.

Azure AI Vision

Read text, analyze images, and detect faces with optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning.

Azure AI Language

Build conversational interfaces, summarize documents, and analyze text using prebuilt AI-powered features.

Azure AI Document Intelligence

Apply advanced machine learning to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents.

Utilizing Microsoft Defender in conjunction with Azure

Integrating Microsoft Defender with Azure makes sense for several compelling reasons, as it creates a robust and comprehensive security ecosystem