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Introducing the Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a cloud service designed for the development of customized apps tailored to your business requirements. Whether creating straightforward applications through easy and intuitive operations or more intricate ones with advanced programming skills, the Power Platform empowers you to craft solutions that precisely fit your needs. Leveraging this platform enhances your ability to derive meaningful insights and make optimal use of data to drive business success.

The Power Platform’s Versatile applications

Citizen Developers

  • Prep data with ease and the familiarity of Excel.

  • Connect to hundreds of sources: Dynamics 365, Azure SQL DB, Excel, SharePoint, MS Teams, LinkedIn and more.

  • Perform tasks with minimal clicks and swipes


  • Give your stakeholders a single view across the ecosystem.

  • Make decisions in your workflow, e.g., run action only when conditions are met.

  • Embed PowerApps into your organization’s website & other solutions used.

IT Administrators

  • Secure Business Intelligence for your organization.

  • Securely connect to on-premises data and cloudbased services for most of the data you already have.

  • Manage licensing for PowerApps through the Office 365 Admin Portal.

Business Users

  • Always be in the know with real time data.

  • Automate various manual and mundane tasks – leaving time for important things.

  • Optimize user adoption with an app that’s available iOS, Android, Windows 10 devices, and the web.