Welcome to JP Tokyo & Company

We empower organisations to become the market leaders and maintain their competitive edge through sustainable initiatives for growth

Why choose JP Tokyo?

We offer transparent and impactful solutions that align with the genuine capabilities and potential strengths of our clients' organizations. Embracing a challenging attitude and fostering an innovative mindset, we continuously pursue original and groundbreaking ideas. Our extensive background in consulting at major firms, coupled with hands-on experience in real operational and management roles at some of Japan's largest companies, equips us to propose solutions that are not only creative but also highly practical.
Our team members possess a wealth of expertise in all aspects of international market entry, drawing from their familiarity with global work cultures and experience across diverse industries. We deliver cross-border support through our bilingual and globally-minded team, ensuring high proficiency in addressing challenges across various sectors.

JP Tokyo advises on efficient transition strategies, covering legacy data, network, user considerations, and company goals. We ensure fail-safes for unexpected issues, coordinate timings globally, and handle complexities in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid migrations. Our technical team incorporates existing infrastructure and third-party solutions, offering support in all Microsoft service phases.


Understand your business and navigate the challenges you encounter.


Identify the skills and courses required for your administrators


Demonstrate the products in our portfolio can be right for your business

Operate & Support

Seamless end-to-end support for Microsoft Services and other products

Deploy & Migrate

Support Microsoft 365 implementation (among other products) to ensure a seamless transition